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How Technology Has Changed Dental Implants Over The Past Decade

Published by: The American Academy of Periodontology

“Dental implants first started making rounds about 40 years ago, which greatly improved cosmetic dentistry and the dental industry forever. As of today, dental implants are at the forefront when it comes to restoring lost, missing or broken teeth. 

Implant dentistry became so much better when CAD-CAM systems were created. Some of the benefits these machines brought about were immediate loading and the ability to come up with custom 3D images, which helped with the manufacturing process. Advancements in the dental fields made implants the better choice, even for those who couldn’t avail of it due to having a small jaw structure, jaw bone or soft tissue problems. 

As technology advanced, so did the time it took for replacing lost tooth with dental implant insertion. A functional CAD-CAM system could potentially create an accurate 3D replica of one’s tooth much faster than traditional molding methods. Moreover, a new all-on-6 dental technique used for implants may be applied for patients who want quick surgeries. It’s now possible for you to begin implant surgery in the morning and leave with new teeth in the afternoon. An entire arch of teeth may be restored, and temporary restoration can be completed in the course of only one day.  

Dental implants mean there’s no more temporary appliance to deal with. You won’t have to have a gap while waiting for the implant to connect with the bone. Patients can eat immediately after leaving the clinic without experiencing the effects of traditional tooth replacement. Dentists likewise benefit from a more efficient procedure and reduced number of appointments with higher levels of customer satisfaction and success.”

Abby Long